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Back to School

Well, unlike most people, we’re not *technically* going back to school. Emma has had fun at her summer preschool program and is beginning school this

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Tidying Up…And Making Repairs as I Go

Over the past 7 years, I have lived in a home. A home that we own. A home that we love. A home that despite

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Furniture Re-Do

I love a good challenge. My challenge this time around with having a baby was combining Emma and Sadie’s room into one as well as

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How I’m Eating

I like FOOD. Who doesn’t, right? I have always had a special place in my heart for food and because of that, once my metabolism

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Breastfeeding…Take Two

When I was younger, I remember saying I would never breastfeed my children. It wasn’t something I wanted to do and something I really didn’t

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Hope for the New Momma

When I had Emma, I remember thinking about how much love I would have for her. It would be so much that I couldn’t contain

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What They Don’t Tell You About C-Sections

I remember my first c-section. I was 8 days late having our first daughter, Emma, and in the process of having what I believed was

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Room for Two

When we began the process of preparing for another child, we decided to sell our house. We were ready to move and knew the house

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Returning to Disney with Two: Disney Days Series

As you know, we love DisneyWorld. Love might even be an understatement. We live and breath Disney. And this year, we haven’t gone and haven’t

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How to Do Maternity Leave

We’re 3 weeks in, people. 3 weeks and a few days in to my maternity leave. That means that my PAID leave is over halfway

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